Sunday, November 18, 2012

Life is Dream

“Träume nicht dein Leben. Lebe deinen Traum.”

I read this quote in my book. Do you know what it means? I will translate it for you.
“Don’t dream your life. Live your dream”
Such a nice quote for those who gave up their dream, isn’t it? 

Dream. What defines “dream” for you? I have found 3 definitions of dream which you can reconsider:
A series of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations occurring involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep OR A wild fancy or hope OR A condition or achievement that is longed for; an aspiration

At least, those three definitions of dream I could google and agree. But now, I would like to discuss about “ A dream is a wild fancy or hope”. It is really clear, isn’t it? Does someone, who reads it now, has no dream? I won’t believe it if you say yes or nod your head, even only say it in your heart “No, I have no dream” .I believe that everybody has a dream. Is it a wild or an ordinary or even a boring dream does not matter. But each of you has for sure a dream –at least when you were a kid. I still remember that moment when I wrote in my friend’s diary (it was so lame. Everybody in my age that time had a diary and their friends should write something on it about their name, age, hobbies, and dream) that one day I would be a doctor. I also remember that time in Senior High School when I had to struggle hard only to decide which class I should get into – Science,Social, or Language Class- My parents told me to go to Science Class because it was good for my future. I actually wanted to go to Language Class, but I was just a kid and should listen to my parents. So ,that day I made up my mind that one day I would be a Psychologist. But God had the other plan for me and I finally went to Language Class and here I am now, live my dream in Germany. 

We all know that we always have a dream in our life. And they change every single time. We usually change it because we know that it’s not our passion anymore or the worst is because we just gave up our dream.  The first reason is okay for me. People change and they look for who they really are. As long as they know theirselves well, then it is okay to change their dream for a better future.  But the second reason, for God’s sake, I will slap that person on the face and say “If you don’t have a dream, you better die.”

I personally think, it is really important for a human to have a dream in their life. Why? Because our life is actually our dream. We have to admit that we always dream about perfect life. Nobody wants a poor life, right? But not so many of us can realize it. We always think that life is life and dream is dream. Life must go on,  just wake up from your dream and live your real life. But do you know, the truth is, life and dream, they can’t be separated. Life is actually over, when we stop dreaming. Even when we only want to try to stop.  As I said above “A dream is a wild fancy or hope” How wild your dream determines how wild your life will be. Just imagine that you’re doing an adventure when you dream something in your life. The more impossible it is, the more challenging your adventure will be. You don’t have to be afraid of anything because how hard it is, just believe that you can always make it. And you will always survive.

And back to our thema today : “Träume nicht dein Leben. Lebe deinen Traum.” You are not supposed to just dream your life because it brings you to nothing when you just keep dreaming it. The most important is start to make a move. Start to list what you should do to make your dream come true. Remember, your dream has to be your passion. It will help you to struggle hard to reach it. After you know which step you should take, then start to put aside your worries about getting disappointed, being failed, etc. They will just prevent you and of course set you apart from your dream. Nobody knows what will happen in the future, is it good or bad, nobody has idea. The last step you should take is live your dream and no more dreaming of your life. You are allowed to be afraid that what you plan doesn’t work as well as you dream. But you also have to remember that life is adventure and there will always be pebbles getting into your shoes and hurt your feet when you make an adventure, right? Sometimes you cry so loud because the wound hurts you so much, but then you will be just fine when it starts to heal. So does your dream. When it doesn’t work as you expect, then just cry so loud and when it starts to heal, just wipe your tears and struggle again. 

So, of course I can’t consider people who easily gives up their dream just because they don’t know how to deal with it, just because their dream is too big and impossible to be true. You won’t know how impossible it is when you don’t even want to try. Even when you try and you fail, at least you won’t be ashamed of yourself. Because you’re better than the people who just dreams their life and doesn’t know when their life would be like what they dream. And the best is, you can change your dream when you realize that your old dream didn't work anymore, that you need something new to be your adventure, that you find the other passion of yours, that you know yourself better after all the shitty things happened. That's the best part you can enjoy after it. And I guarantee that you will have a better life after that.

I want you all to remember, there will always be a hope, there will always be a chance, and there will always be a miracle. The three of those will conspire to help us. When you keep your hope alive, a chance will come to you. And when you take this chance, a miracle will happen. That easy. And it’s the rule. Where will be a hope, there will always be a chance and who dare to take a chance,they deserve to get the miracle. 
So from now on, after you guys read my post, I want you to contemplate about it.
“I only live once. Am I sure that I just want to live a boring life?”


“in your life you have a thousand candle of dream. These candles bring their own hope. When their light slowly fade away, at least you keep one of them . Because this one candle can bring the new light for the another candle. And of course, it brings your another hope back.”

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